Thursday, 3 June 2010

Half Term Happiness

12 Ice Cream 2009-05-13
School's out, the sun is shining and we are rejoicing with the prospect of a riverside picnic. The magnificent Thames River courses through the glorious countryside near where we live. Here the river is at its rural best - peaceful and idyllic and home to an abundance of wildlife. On a bright, early summer's day, the riverbanks provide a perfect picnic setting.
16 Marlow 2009-06-20
Sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and fresh Cornish ice cream - always ice cream - make for a delicious feast.
13 Sandwiches (1)

13 Marlow 2009-06-20

34 Dale Heybrook Garden 2009-06-29

41 Cheese 2009-05-13

We've had a very busy few weeks since our return from Barbados. Not simply catching up with routine after our lovely (extended) holiday, but moving home as well. We didn't move far, just to another house in the village, but the sorting and packing seemed as exhausting as moving across the seas! A day by the river - away from the boxes and tidying - is the most welcome and calming tonic for the soul.

10 Pastries & Fruit
15 Sandwiches (1)


  1. Lovely photos and views of the English countryside-how I miss it!!

  2. Beautiful food and views x

  3. This looks like my idea of heaven. There is no where like England when the sun is shining. Fantastic photos.

  4. I'm going to really enjoy exploring all these beautiful posts. I've never been to Barbados, but you've made me want to set off immediately!

  5. Hi Tracey, Emmalene, Nat and Charlie
    I cannot say how delighted I am when I get that little notification that someone has commented on a post.
    So thank you!
    Pascale x

  6. Wow! Lovely photos! I haven't been to Barbados in years, but after looking at your photos, I'm dying to go back! Speaking of the Caribbean, your banana rum cake reminds me or the juicy rum cakes I used to love during my trips there, so on that note, I'm looking forward to trying your banana rum cake! Thanks!

  7. Hey Pascale,
    it was lovely to meet you at FBC! These photos make me wish for better weather! Seriously, I can't believe it was summer over the weekend and now we're back to horrid autumn temperatures and rain. Oh well, comfort food will get us through these days :) Ive added you to my blogroll so will be stopping by regularly from now on!
    x Anne

  8. PB & Jealous
    Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. I had so much fun chatting with you both at FBC too. I'll be over at your blog too. Pxxx

  9. Dear Pascale,
    Your photos are astounding!!!
    The colors the sharpness, the motives are as yummy as your recipes.
    It's so much fun to run through everyone's blogs after FBC in London.
    Best from Karin as yet unborn yumandmore

  10. In a break at work I decided to come back here to enjoy a peaceful moment along the river, with a pic nic and some wild flowers!
    Thanks for recreating such a relaxing moment!

  11. Hi Karin
    Hi Juls
    Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments. I feel so inspired after FBC and really enjoying everyone else's blogs too!

  12. Pascale it looks so beautiful - can't believe it was only a few days ago. It is tranquillity personified.

  13. Gorgeous food! aaahhh life can be so wonderful!



  14. Bron, hello! I know - it's so dreary and drizzly this week, it feels like summer has disappeared. It was lovely to meet you last weekend at FBC.

    Hi Rosa, thanks for the visit and lovely comment.

  15. Pascale, it was wonderful to have met you, with your lovely energy, contagious smile..your blog is stunning. I have taken a look through various posts and the hotos have blown me away:colours, composition, light..i will be a regular around there.

  16. A beauiful place for a picnic, but my focus will most definitely be on the food, awesome!! Glad I found you through FBC 2010

  17. Gorgeous pictures, very glad I found your blog!

  18. Fantastic pictures Pascale, truly evocative of summer (I hope it comes back soon!!). Sorry we didn't get to chat much at FBC but I'm very pleased to have been introduced to your blog because of it.

  19. Pascale, I have discovered your blog today and I am delighted! Beautiful photos, nice recipes.

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  21. yum this all looks delicious.

    Check out my blog for some creative food inspiration.