Thursday, 3 June 2010

Half Term Happiness

12 Ice Cream 2009-05-13
School's out, the sun is shining and we are rejoicing with the prospect of a riverside picnic. The magnificent Thames River courses through the glorious countryside near where we live. Here the river is at its rural best - peaceful and idyllic and home to an abundance of wildlife. On a bright, early summer's day, the riverbanks provide a perfect picnic setting.
16 Marlow 2009-06-20
Sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and fresh Cornish ice cream - always ice cream - make for a delicious feast.
13 Sandwiches (1)

13 Marlow 2009-06-20

34 Dale Heybrook Garden 2009-06-29

41 Cheese 2009-05-13

We've had a very busy few weeks since our return from Barbados. Not simply catching up with routine after our lovely (extended) holiday, but moving home as well. We didn't move far, just to another house in the village, but the sorting and packing seemed as exhausting as moving across the seas! A day by the river - away from the boxes and tidying - is the most welcome and calming tonic for the soul.

10 Pastries & Fruit
15 Sandwiches (1)