Friday, 23 April 2010

Caribbean Banana Rum Cake

75 Banana Rum Cake 2010-04-21

53 Banana Rum Cake 2010-04-21

As far as places to be stranded go, I think Barbados has to be one of the best. We were due to fly back to England last weekend, but Iceland's volcano interrupted that plan. So here we are, for a few more precious, unexpected days. What to do? I am cooking, and taking photographs - with the pure delight in the vibrant colours and vivid flavours, and the inspiration that this beautiful island provides.



We had lots of bananas getting riper, plenty of gorgeous amber Barbados sugar, and rum. Of course rum. Musing on these ingredients at sunset, I decided to get up early next morning - before the heat of the day - to bake some Banana Cake. So the sun and I got up together and I set about making our breakfast.


Here is my recipe - Banana Rum Cake. It is roughly measured as I don't have exact equipment here, but the recipe is very forgiving.

1 block of butter, 250g
1 and half cups of sugar
5 small eggs
a quarter cup of dark rum
one tablespoon of vanilla extract
4-7 bananas, depending on their size (I used 7 quite small ones)
4 cups of self raising flour

Heat oven to 180 degrees centigrade. Lightly butter and dust with flour three loaf tins. Cream together the sugar and butter, by hand or with a mixer. Add the eggs, rum and vanilla and beat well for a few minutes. Add the bananas, roughly mashed, and mix well together. Gently stir in the flour. Divide into three loaf tins. Bake for 50-60 minutes.

60 Banana Rum Cake 2010-04-21


  1. It's delicious, thank you! The children enjoyed it for school lunch yesterday - no wonder they were so merry at pick up! Axx

  2. Thanks A! Glad the children liked it. Pxxx

  3. Wow! Fantastic blog! Beautiful photos.

    Issy (Clotted Cream Diaries)

  4. Well, I can certainly think of worse places to be stranded :)

    Good job baking in such heat! Those cakes look fab. I hate dark rum, wonder how they would taste with Malibu ;)

    Katie xox

  5. Thanks Issy!

    Katiecakes...I bet the recipe would work great with Malibu, it would give a coconutty flavour too. But I must say, the dark rum is really quite subtle.
    Thanks for the comment. Pascale x

  6. I have always loved banana cake. with rum, I bet it tastes awesome.

  7. What fabulous colours. It makes life at home seem perfectly dull. I am going to make the banana bread for my grandmother.

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  9. Hi! I've been browsing your blog but thought I'd plop a comment right in here. I just wanted to say I love the COLOURS that you capture in your photos - they are all so stunning, not even just the food pics, but everything! Great work :)

  10. Catty
    So nice to get that comment from you! thanks.
    Was lovely to meet you at FBC too.