Sunday, 11 April 2010

Barbados for Easter


We are back in Barbados for a lovely long Easter visit. After a seemingly endless, chilly winter in England we were longing for the warmth and beauty of this beautiful little island. So wonderful also to catch up with old friends and family. Easter is a great time to be here with plenty of time for long lazy beach parties, egg hunts for the children, and the traditional kite flying fun. The colours in the Caribbean never fail to delight and startle me with their vibrancy. It's like the intensity of life is turned up a few notches.
Barbados flowers

Easter Sunday began with an Easter egg hunt. It's great to search around the mango and banana trees.


I've been doing some cooking here but not found much time to photograph the dishes - will post some recipes next time. I love the peppers, seasonings and limes.

Then we set off with a group of friends - families in convoy - for an island road trip and beach picnic. Can there be a nicer way to celebrate Easter?

The older generations teach the little ones the tricks of flying kites.



Chocolate is extra melty and messy in this climate!


End of the day. Beautiful Barbados - so happy to be here.


  1. Such beautiful pictures. Wish I was there too! Ax

  2. Just lovely. I think we ALL want to be there!

  3. Hi Pascale,

    Great pics!! of course I may be a little biased having enjoyed the Barbados island tour with you.
    Can you send me your resume via e-mail? One of my colleagues is interested in talking with you.


  4. Finally got a chance to catch up with your blog and look at your marvellous pictures - looking forward to trying to re-create some of your recipes too. Hope all is well. Sophie sends her love to you all and especially your lovely boy!!

  5. As Bajan, 5th generation, now living in the States, came across your blog. Great fotos
    Next time you are on island, please visit my sister's place,
    Relish-Epicurea, at Limegrove,in Holetown.

    Robert Knowles
    Knowles Media
    Milford, Pa