Monday, 22 February 2010

King Cabbage...and thinking about the vegetable garden

9 January King Cabbage
As I write this, snowflakes are swirling wildly around the windows and it's a cold hard vista beyond. It's hardly inviting to step out into the garden and thoughts of digging, planting, tending seem far away. Still, winter is on the final stretch -  the days are growing gradually longer every day and subtle hints of spring are appearing. It is just the moment to start dreaming about a gorgeous, abundant vegetable garden or allotment. In the fields behind our house there are several smallholdings and allotments. I frequently walk among them and feel such admiration for what my neighbours create with their wonderful productive plots. Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive a gift of the bounty - a fat creamy cauliflower, or a cabbage as beautiful as a flower.
I would love to create my own kitchen garden but really need a bit of guidance. A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of New Urban Farmer by Celia Brooks Brown and I cannot imagine there is much about growing food that isn't included. This book is crammed with all the facts and tips for a successful year on the allotment.
urban farmer book
New Urban Farmer - From Plot to Plate is Celia's new book, recently published by Quadrille. Growing your own vegetables and fruit has become very popular over the past few years and waiting lists for allotments are groaning. For those who get to the top of the list and are ready to start their plot - or those with garden space - this book provides the tips and knowledge to make a success of it. Celia is an accomplished cook and food writer and she really has the expertise and perspective of a food lover. The book is written as a sort of journal, over the course of the seasons, with notes and inspiring recipes packed throughout.
I am so looking forward to some warmer days, and getting out in the garden. I'll let you know how it goes!