Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Enjoying Supper for a Song


I was delighted to receive, quite recently, a copy of this gorgeous new book by Tamasin Day-Lewis and have been enjoying it tremendously. The philosophy behind this book is about getting back to a purer appreciation for our food; being mindful of savouring it without waste. The message strikes the right note at a time when we are much more conscious of economic hard times and the worrying consequences of excess and waste on our environment. But this isn't a gloomy or preachy book in any way, it is a celebration of what we have, how to make the most of it, and share our bounty with our friends and families - what could be better?
Tamasin's first chapter is about making our dishes, and our time spent cooking go a bit further. It's a concept I am very familiar with - my granny has always known how to "make it stretch" and that has served us all well!!
The next section of the book is called The Saturday Bake, and I absolutely loved this part. Tamasin's account of busy, happy afternoons spent in the kitchen, family involved, radio playing, is so heart warming and enough to inspire anyone to get their pinny on.
There are some wonderful recipes throughout the book, big on flavour and satisfaction.
As a photographer, I always study the pictures in cookery books in detail. James Merrell did the photography in Supper for a Song and his work is beautiful and evocative.
Really lovely book.

Published by Quadrille Publishing October 2009.

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